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If you’re seeking a solution to foster inclusion at your company, empower your employee resource groups, or need a mentorship management tool, let us help you begin your journey.
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Our customers share their stories
“I am still at the beginning of my career and I really value the perspective of someone more experienced and knowledgeable on how the industry works. I also hope to offer a unique perspective myself to the matches I make.”
“Glassbreakers will be a significant help in crossing many chasms, not least in meeting peers in other groups.”
“Glassbreakers makes mentoring an opportunity to learn and give back. I'm really excited to use this tool to meet my colleagues from all over the world, working on different technologies. Glassbreakers really helps my networking skills.”
“Glassbreakers is a really great way of meeting individuals with whom I would never have otherwise had the opportunity to meet and chat. The beauty is that we have something in common that allows us to click and connect.”