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Inclusion made simple

Strengthen your employee communities with technology that supports and measures their success

Best Practices for Glassbreakers Launch and Success

Download our latest white paper on best practices for purchasing inclusion software, navigating your company to implement Glassbreakers and how to best onboard your employees.

Key product features


Data-driven mentorship

Our machine learning algorithms connect employees to mentors, and peers based on personal and professional interests


Talent development

Curated content channels specific to inclusion communities offer a space to share resources and internal opportunities


Community management

Global professional support, so all employees have access to a dedicated community manager who can ensure a smooth experience


Actionable analytics

Measure retention, engagement, sentiment, mobility and more to gain new insights about your workforce and to demonstrate the ROI of inclusion



Flexible, agile product features with design, branding, settings and interests tailored to your business


Easy onboarding

Expertly designed for seamless email integration to fit into every employee’s existing workflow

Our fundamentals

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