The inclusion platform that brings your team together

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Tools for increasing team productivity and cohesion

Improve your team’s professional and emotional well-being — all in a suite of tools to connect, collaborate, and congregate.
  • Mentor matching
  • Inclusive communities
  • Insightful analytics

Innovation is just a spark away

  • Connect employees with similar interests and create undiscovered opportunities
  • Accelerate team growth and development by helping employees discover unlikely partnerships

Create powerful and connected environments at work

  • No more siloed groups - whether your ERG is 10 people or 10,000 people our platform brings members together on one streamlined solution
  • No more manually updating spreadsheets - our tools and technology provide a digital upgrade to outdated practices and allows your team to efficiently build ERGs from the ground up

Make your data work for you

  • Discover how your team interacts and engages on the platform and learn what works for them
  • Implement and adapt your inclusion strategy to a whole new level

Security and privacy

Keeping your information safe and secure is our priority. We’re up-to-date with our security protocols and compliant with all necessary safety measures.

Tending to roots and growth

Increasing communication and collaboration touchpoints between employees is the most effective way for people to learn and create strong bonds.

Unlocking innovation

Your organization has secret talents hidden amongst your employees. Help them discover, expand and share their skills with others.