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Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 07-18-2018

Here's how we keep you and your data safe:

  • All your data, no matter if you’re using a PC, a phone or tablet, is protected by GPG encryption and multi password secure files.
  • Any connections you make on Glassbreakers are only viewable between you and your match. Messages you send to each other
    on the platform are encrypted. Your employer will never see what private information you share.
  • Our community managers moderate content, and inappropriate users are subject to removal.
  • We don’t track what you do or where you go. We don’t sell you any advertisements.
  • Any information gathered from users on the site is anonymized and aggregated.
  • If you request for your data to be removed, we will immediately delete your account and any data related to your account.
  • Government agencies can’t subpoena us for your data without first subpoenaing your employer.

Security is what makes us proud and we want you to feel confident that we are protecting you.

If you have any questions or concerns let us know at